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**Vessel Description: The vessel is one of the most in demand models called Deluxe Sedan and
only a thousand were manufactured. It has been constructed in the plank on frame fashion
using diagonal Mahogany planking. Fiberglass out-coating on the exterior in 2007 includes the
main Cabin, Flvbridqe, and upper Deck. All Bright work accents were milled entirely new and
replaced in 2007 as well. It is currently being used for recreational cruising and fishing trips. The
vessel can accommodate 8 passengers with a stateroom, berths, galley, head, and cockpit.
There are twin 454 engines manufactured, marinized originals in 1998, rebuilt in 2008. Very low
hours, since thev estimate at 10 hours per vear for the 8-vear restoration time. with attached
Velvet Drive transmissions installed. Port Engine in 2015 had factory Long block replaced, and
new external manifold, risers etc… That enqine is equipped with a 100-amo alternator and
functions as the generator to rebuild power to the 2.8D house battery when not under wav or on
shore power. The vessel is equipped with fishing amenities and is designed with fishing in mind.
Overall, this is an older vessel that has had many recent upgrades performed and is an average
vessel in better than the average condition of like vessels.

**Waters to be Naviqated:
The vessel is designed and equipped for nearshore waters and has been operating there since
constructed. lt is well suited for these waters due to the design of the hull and carries all gear
necessary for this type of use. This vessel can be operated in many sea conditions if the vessel is
operated within the builder’s specifications. The vessel has an estimated cruising range of
roughly 200 miles with 2 side Monel tanks with a combined capacity of 240 gallons of gas.

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**Hull & Structure Composition:
Hull Materials: The hull appears to have multiple layers of 7/8″ Philippine Mahogany planking.
The linier planking is attached to the White Oak hull frames and the planking on the hull bottom
appears to be thicker
(Upper) Deck Materials: Plywood WFRP, Aft cockpit. De

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**Paint & Finishes:
Hull Paint Tvpe: All Grip Enamel Paint Color: White
Cabin Paint Tvpe: All Grip Enamel Paint Color: White
Deck Paint Tvoe: Factory Enamel Paint Color: Lt. Blue

Date of Last Haulout:
Purpose of Haulout:

2015 Location: Taylor Boat Works
Aqe: 2015
Aqe: 2008
Aqe 2013

Maintenance, yearly Bottom paint.

Overall Appearance of Vessel: The vessel had qood overall appearance. lt has a good
layout and appears well for its age. The vessel was constructed for the purpose of
nearshore fishing trips and is well suited for this operation. There is ample room for
passengers in both the cabin and cockpit. All gear and tackle is secured properly and
the interior is neat and clean.
**HlN Number Tracinq: Number on port side closet door. (? YW#1502-1395922\
Sampson Post replaced 2007
Replaced all brioht work accents, strips and all other briqht work in 2008

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**Safetv Features:
Windshield Wiper: !.
Swim Platform: Yes
Status of Svstems: The fire suppression svstem has been serviced.

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*”Bilqe Pumps & Svstems:
Number of Pumps: !
System Conditions: The bilge pumps are operational and more than adequate for the
vessel. They are quality pumps and limited standing water as desiqned was noted in the
bilge. High water alarms were found in the vessel are highly recommended.
Svstem Confiquration: The toilet is an electrically operated unit, that flows into a 5 qallon
holdino tank. The tank can be emptied by a topside deck plate or inline discharge pump.
Sump Svstem: A sump system was located in the forward bilge of the vessels 60-qal
fresh water holdinq tank.

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**Propulsion System:
Ensine Manufacture: GM’s Rebuilt to Mercruiser spec Marinized 454’s in 2008
Enqine Model: ‘1998 454
Enqine Hours: Approx. since rebuilt

Enqine Condition: No identifying plates were found on the units. They appear to be in
good operable condition. They should have ample horsepower to operate the vessel.
Engine Beddinq Confiouration: Steel engine mounts are connected to the Oak wooden
stringers with stainless steel bolts. The stringers appear to be solid with no problems

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**Fuel System:
Total Gallons: est. (2) 145 qallon Monel side mounted tanks

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**VDG System:
Battery Charging: Engine mounted alternators / VAC charger. Port enqine has 110-
amp Alternator to recharqe 2.8D house batteries.

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**lnterior Appliances & Furnishinqs:
4) Cabin Heaterg 2
**Ground Tackle:
1) Danforth Anchors 2
2) Line
3) Anchor Chains 2

Boat name chanoed in 2006 from Liberator to Cape lsland Queen
Has cockpit wash down svstem
Has modernized main salon Colin Sound svstem
Has been rewired for 11Oac with new circuit breakers in 2002
Draft 3’3″
Equipped with a Cobra #CPl M, 500 lnverter 1500 watt but surge peaks to 3000 watts